FREE TWO Simple Cross Earrings (2 pairs)

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Instead of getting ONLY one pair of these little simple cross earrings NOW and NOW only you can get TWO PAIRS FREE and only pay ONE shipping and handling fee! When they are gone they are GONE so don't wait get your TWO pairs quick!

FREE EARRINGS! Act today and take advantage of the limited time offer of FREE EARRINGS! We are giving away 98 pairs of these amazing little simple small cross earrings and all you have to do is pay a modest shipping and handling fee to receive your FREE EARRINGS now!

Don't let the size or simplicity of this piece fool you because it is solid and stunning. These simple, small, but amazing cross earrings will go with anything and are the perfect addition to any Christian woman's jewelry box. They are bright and clearly noticeable but still modest and low key which allows them to be one of the most if not the most versatile pair of earrings in your collection. Only silver colored earrings are pictured but pick the color of your choice as they also come in gold and rose gold colors. Don't wait until they are gone!

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Notes: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping and handling for every TWO PAIRS of earrings is $9.95 per 2 pairs. ONLY one metal color is available for BOTH pairs so they will be identical you CAN NOT mix and match metal colors. A "Quantity" of "1" will get you 2 pairs of identical colored earrings for this offer.